Sunday, January 23, 2011

Massacres of Jews by Muslims before 1948

"Jews lived happily together with Muslims and in harmony before Israel was established."
How many times have you heard this said?

We are indebted to Torbjorn Karfunkel, who has blown the myth of peaceful coexistence sky-high with his pre-1948 'massacre map' of Jews by Muslims (click on the map to enlarge). The map should not be considered exhaustive, but it does go back to the 7th century, when Mohammed's followers massacred Jewish tribes in Arabia. It reminds us that Jews were murdered in Spain in 1066, in spite of the 'Andalusian Golden Age'. The cluster of explosive dots over Morocco recalls that relationships between Jews and Muslims during the 19th century were not always plain sailing.

To this 'massacre map' one might add the blood libels which spread like wildfire across the Ottoman empire, often resulting not in massacres, but in individuals arrested, tortured and unfairly accused.

As the great Tunisian-Jewish writer Albert Memmi has written: "coexistence with the Arabs was not just uncomfortable, it was marked by threats periodically carried out."


  1. happy for the cleanness of Egypt map

    before Israel was established the sectarian believers in the nation of Islam committed those crimes
    After establishing Israel there's two teams of believers in the nation of religion so the crimes & massacres will cover up the map completely

    the problem is about the minds that hate

  2. Good job with this map. There is missing information though. We know for example from Maimonides' Epistle to the Jews of Yemen" that there were massacres and forced conversion of the non-Muslim population at thst time (12th century).

  3. The map does bring the visual aspect of the events but it does not do justice to the type of life ordinary jews endured on a daily basis. Sure,there were many pogroms against jews in Arab lands before 1948. I mean countless ones. The ones in the map are only the ones that were recorded. I want to stress the fact of the wreched lives ordinary jews lived under the yoke of muslim anti-jewish attitudes. I am well aware that the court appointed jews had a somewhat a relatively less constraining life, and that the European colonial penetration into the arab lands lessed somehow the discrmination suffered by Jews.

    However, it is the daily life that ordinary jews in arab lands who suffer humiliation, scorn, and debasements rituals on a daily basis. The massacres are in a way the culmination of these attitudes. The fact that jews survive all this and maintained their dignity is a mere miracle. To me, Jews of arab lands endured more than massacres and pogroms... And to this, the arab social commentators never recognised. They can acknowledge pogroms and massacres and they even attribute them to extraneous political factors such as colonialism, arab nationalism and all the "isms" under the sun, but they would always deny the daily lives as second class dhimmitude position of the jews. And to this day they are still advancing the fabricated jewish and arab golden age of understanding and harmony.

    If someone wants to really dig deeper into the extrodinary description of daily lives of jews (plus their killings) one must consult the seminal edited work of Andrew Bostom: "The legacy of Islamic anti-semitism:. It is trully an eye opener in terms of all the sources Andrew Bostom gathered. There are some damning evidence about the outrage and sheer madness of islamic beliefs towards jews. Beliefs that were acted upon on a dialy basis.

  4. In mapping violence before 1948, you have completely omitted any mention of Jewish massacres of Muslims!

    How do you explain this discrepancy?

    1. In 1941 the Grand Mufti sent sent in 30,000 muslims to join the Einsatzgruppen to kill 1.5 million Jews in Eastern Europe!

  5. What massacres did you have in mind?

  6. You cant really blame them though. They are being used by God to punish the Jews for rejecting Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior. If they only accept him they wouldnt have gone through all this.

    1. You definitely do not know your Bible

  7. Nonsense, Muslims don't believe that Jesus was Lord and Saviour

  8. "You cant really blame them though. They are being used by God to punish the Jews for rejecting Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior. If they only accept him they wouldnt have gone through all this."

    Oh, you mean because Christians in Muslim lands have had such an easy time, so if Jews had convereted to Christianity everything would have been just dandy? Of course. That makes perfect sense, because 21 Christians weren't massacred in an Egyptian church recently. And there are no indigenous Christians in Saudi Arabia because the Muslims were so nice to them and made them feel so welcome.

    Unless you were being sarcastic (as I was), your attitude is appalling. And BTW, it's 'their Lord' not 'there Lord'.

  9. Maimonides in 1172, in a letter to Yemen...:

    "God has hurled us in the midst of this people, the Arabs, who have persecuted us severely, and passed baneful and discriminatory legislation against us, as Scripture has forewarned us, "Our enemies themselves shall judge us" (Deut. 32:3 1). Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase, and hate us as much as they..."

    It's been jihad all along - ever since Hagar was sent out in the desert..

  10. Let's not forget Esau selling his birth right for some grub, that's another ouchy they tend to deny.

    And please don't bring up the crusades, those people weren't christians. There's a difference between following man-made traditions and following Jesus Christ. Those that followed the latter were just as brutally persecuted as the Jews during the inquisition, burned as heretics and such.

    God bless Israel ;)

  11. Anonymous said...

    "You cant really blame them though. They are being used by God to punish the Jews for rejecting Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior. If they only accept him they wouldnt [sic] have gone through all this."

    Really? And why exactly were Christians massacred by Muslims throughout history? To carry out the will of Allah? Or Odin perhaps? Or Xenu? The fact is Muslims kill anyone who isn't a Muslim, and it's never the will of God when they do.

  12. I have questions:
    1. Why do Muslims and Christians live in peace
    2. Why Jews persecuted and murdered wherever they settle
    3. Is the error in the Jews or Christians or Muslims

    1. If you think that the massacre of Christians in Nigeria, Syria, Sudan, Iraq and other muslim countries is living in peace is a distorted view of the truth and does fully void your question 1 & 2 you big liar.

    2. Anonymous it's ckear you are an ignorant antisemite. You probably are in the nazi group.

  13. Where did you get the idea that Muslims and Christians always lived in peace?
    Christianity died out under Islam in Arabia and North Africa.
    What would you call the Crusades ? The Reconquista? Peace and love between Christians and Muslims?

    Turks versus Armenians? Muslim Iraqis versus Assyrians? I could go on.

    You seem to imply that Jews are to blame for their own persecution.

  14. But nobody was killed in TUNISIA ;)
    So don’t hate each others and be like Tunisia.)
    Peace ,love and tolerance ..
    Should be NO hate between religions! Right?;)
    Bye from Tunisia

  15. Sorry but I REALLY don’t understand WHY Mr Mimmi is telling a lies about TUNISIA?
    MAny Jews of Tunisia (who left because the Zionist scared them about them future on Tunisia) come back in holiday all the time and goes to hag them ex- Muslim neighbours…some even want to build houses because they want to come back when they retired…
    In the entire world y include in Israel Tunisian Jews talk always with love about Tunisia!
    In 2011 the revolution time , Israel told that every Tunisian Jew who come to Israel will have 12000 Euro and all other needs ...but no one left and the head of the Jew community said in the television (I sow it)that he don’t understand what Israel really want !and no Jew left Tunisia for Israel!!!
    I think Mr Memmi is a ZIONIST (what a shame) who wants that all Arab Jews go to Israel ;)
    About the non-secure feeling of Jews under those dictators, you should understand Mr Memmi that ALL Tunisians felt the same under the police state…

  16. Go to you tube and see how much Tunisian Jews and the generations born in Israel regret Tunisia! How can somebody regret a country where he was treated badly? By them neighbours !(am not talking about dictors and police …all Tunisians were bad treated in those years …thank God it is OVER NOW!)
    Honestly, Mr Memmi is the only Tunisian Jew who tells very curious story about Tunisian tolerance!

  17. I'm sorry Mr Mouldi but Jews were killed in Tunisia before 1948. Even if you blame the deaths of scores of Jews during the German occupation on the Nazis, Tunisian Arabs started riots against the Jews of Kef, Ebba, Ksour, Moktar, Degache and Siliania in 1940 and Gafsia in 1941.
    In May 1941 eight Jews were murdered in Gabes and 20 injured.
    Tunisian Jews may feel nostalgia but the truth is they were never secure, and under Bourguiba, the community was stripped of its powers and Jews marginalised in society. In 1967 the great synagogue in Tunis was set on fire and Jews escaped with their lives. It is nonsense to suggest that the Zionists lured them with money, how do you then explain how come so many ended up in France?

  18. Is it necessary to hate each other, I think not. Christians massacred Jews as it says, Jews were murdered in Spain in 1066, in spite of the 'Andalusian Golden Age, Also massacred Muslims as well through History as well Jews did to christians and continuously till now are massacring Muslim for decades in Palestine. What I can see here people being proud of killing each other. As long as these kind of things keep going on always these massacres will go on forever unless to forget the past without any greed and envy and live peaceful and wish each other good. We are all Human beings if we dont wish what we have for others to have this kind of things will go on, by the way what is ged to do if your brother is Christian, Muslim or Jews after all they r human being. I do not see here anything to be proud of by killing each other and spreading hate. stop hating each other and try to coexist and live peacefully.

  19. Spanish Massacres- Persecution of Jews in Spain dated back to the Visigothic rule, when they had been expelled. However, under Muslim rule, Jews had prospered in Spain despite occasional pogroms or massacres. hey attained an estimated population of half a million, but as Spain was reclaimed by Christians, their fortunes fell. The persecutions of Jews and Muslims in Spain culminated with the expulsion of 1492 and the Inquisition, but in Christian Spain, massacres of Jews were initiated about about 150 years earlier.

    The problems of the Jews began in the conflict between King Pedro, a protector of the Jews and Henry of Trastamara. Wherever Henry or his supporters triumphed, Jews were murdered. In the Alcana part of the Juderia (ghetto) of Toledo, Henry's supporters plundered the warehouses and murdered about 12,000 persons about 1355. However, the Jews defended themselves, with the aid of nobles, and succeeded in stopping the massacre. In 1360, Henry invaded Castile. He murdered all the Jews living in Najera and pillaged and murdered and plundered the Jews of Miranda de Ebro.

    In 1366, the situation of the Jews became yet more serious, as Henry's forces began to win victory after victory. Villadiego, Aguilar, and many other towns were totally destroyed. The inhabitants of Valladolid, who paid homage to Henry, robbed the Jews, destroyed their houses and synagogues, and desecrated the Torah scrolls . Paredes, Palencia, and several other communities were likewise attacked, and 300 Jewish families from Jaen were taken as prisoners to Granada.

    By 1369, Pedro had been beheaded and Henry was victorious. Henry himself was less than sympathetic to the Jews. However, he recognized that he needed them and tried to protect them. During the civil war (literally fratricide, since Pedro and Henry were half brothers) the clergy had become more powerful. Various anti-Jewish decrees followed.

    A revolt broke out in Seville in 1391. The fanatical mob, still further exasperated by attempts to punish its ringleaders, and under the influence of preachers, attacked the Juderia in Seville from on June 6 and reportedly killed 4,000 Jews; the rest submitted to baptism as the only means of escaping death.


  20. several tribes of Jews were the one who invite Muhammad s.a.w to their land and appoint him as their union leader. How can one claims Muhammad kills Jews if they are the one who invite him as leader?

    Historically, Christians killed Jews. That's why Rabbis keep on reminding all Jews of this.

    “We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly . . . throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity. - Rabbi Baruch Efrati

  21. You might have a point if Jews were the only people, tribe being massacred through out time, but they are not. In fact history shows us that Muslims and Jews have lived among each other in peace, Jews living in Iraq 70 years ago were participating in government, this is pathetic propaganda, instead of clinging to this idea of hatred at birth you should be teaching about the times Muslims and Jews worked together, There are plenty of examples of Jews slaughtering Muslims too, before the 67 UN rresolution went into effect Israel had already created 400k+ Refugees.
    Get your history correct

  22. Absolute Nonsense with no details

  23. What is your evidence that they didn't happen?

  24. Thank you for posting this piece.